When We’re READY for Change

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When we’re ready to change something in our lives, setting goals will help us make it happen. Charting a course of action steps can get us there, but how do we know where THERE is?

What if all we know is that we want things to be DIFFERENT?

Consider the sequence READY, AIM, FIRE…

Just because you’re READY for things to change doesn’t mean that you know exactly what you want.

And change for the sake of change can have unintended consequences.

In order to set goals that will actually help you achieve the change you seek, you need to AIM your actions.  Start with reflection:

When do I feel the happiest – most ME? What am I doing? Who am I with?

What do I want more/less of in my life? Why?

What’s most important to me right now? Why?

The answers will give you clues to your direction and lead to a more strategic goal.

After your “aimed,” all that’s left is to FIRE up the action.

Incremental steps and interim milestones make even big goals feel manageable and offer opportunities to calibrate your AIM.

Change can be exciting, and setting goals determined by WHO we are can make it the adventure of a lifetime!

When you’re READY for change and want help charting your course, a coach can help. Message me here to start the conversation.