How will you know when you have done enough? When you have enough?

Many of us are holding on to jobs, habits, beliefs, relationships, and “stuff” because we’re afraid. Afraid to let them go and be left without. But what if letting them go is the only way to get what we really want?

I was that person. Hanging on to beliefs that once protected and propelled me. Even though I knew I needed to change, I couldn’t envision how.

And there was always ANOTHER THING to keep me in place – the project, the team, the mortgage, the new kitchen, the vacation, the holidays, retirement planning, health insurance…

Then I asked myself: How will I know when I have done enough? That I have enough?

When I had no clear answer, I knew I needed help finding one and hired a coach.

Getting clear on my priorities and values made the next step obvious and gave me the courage to take the leap.

Letting go of what allowed me to achieve what I had and embark on a journey to discover what was next was one of the scariest things I’ve ever done, but when I thought about staying stuck… that was even scarier.

None of us is promised tomorrow – making the most of today is all we really have.

So take the leap! Do the thing!

And if you need help, please reach out.