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Are you a mid-career professional looking for more impact, recognition, and fulfillment with less stress at work?

Make this the year of getting more of what YOU want in your career. Start off strong with these 8 questions!

I’m Laura Lundin, an Executive Coach who helps mid-career professionals to:


their teams with vision, presence, and the ability to uplift others.


the promotion, raise, or new role they want with more confidence and less stress.


meaningful change in their organizations, industries, and communities while preventing their own burnout.

Laura Lundin, PCC, ELI-MP

“Laura’s coaching is invaluable to my professional growth and success. Her intuitive, yet pragmatic approach taught me how to overcome barriers and build greater self-awareness. She helped me better position myself to successfully advance within my organization and gave me the tools to be a more effective and empathetic leader.”

– Director, Strategic Partnerships & Development, Healthcare

When was the last time you felt passion in your job?

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a rising star, you’ve worked hard to get where you are and you’re used to getting results. But…

•    Your team is looking to you for answers and you’re fresh out.

•    You’re smart and driven but have lost the enthusiasm you used to have for your work.

•    You secretly wonder if there’s something more fulfilling out there, but have no idea how to find it and don’t have the energy to look.

What’s happening with your career growth?

The higher you climb in your organization, the more your success depends on communication, relationship building, and influencing others. But…

•    The thought of your next performance review makes you want to hide in the bathroom. Will you get passed up for promotion – AGAIN?

•    You’ve received more suggestions on executive presence than you would ever admit to in a court of law and you don’t want to change who you are to fit in.

•    You feel stuck between the expectations of your boss and your team and fear that you’re disappointing everyone.  

The combination makes you stressed and exhausted, rationalizing (yet again) that wine, cheese, and crackers is a balanced meal. How will you find the energy to do it all again tomorrow?

Your MBA didn’t prepare you for this…

What if you could grow in your career just by being YOU?

You’re probably thinking, “But being ME is what got me into this @#$%!”

What if NOT being you did?

No one teaches us how to lead in our careers. Mentors, bosses, and peers can serve as inspiration, but none of them are YOU at your best and more than likely are better examples of what NOT to do.

The self-motivated among us have done plenty of online research, one-off management courses, and business book reading, but much of our career and leadership development comes on the job.

Trial and error have a price – your time, confidence, reputation, and maybe your job.

That’s where working with a certified professional coach comes in.

What if this was your workday...

•    Wake up, reach for your phone, and check your work email to find the late-night client request has already been handled by your team. You fire off a quick, “Go, Team!” and get ready for your day.

•    Sipping your morning coffee, you get a DM from a rock star from another department who tells you that he’s applied for the open position on your team. You’re thrilled – he’d be a great addition and no drawn out recruiting necessary!

•    You take a deep breath as you login to your officer-level strategy meeting. Your team helped you prepare by pressure-testing your presentation and you’re 100% ready.

•    Afterwards, your boss calls to congratulate you on the big win and asks for your help creating a new department – the added responsibility comes with a promotion.

•   The afternoon flew by and your team kept projects moving while you were in back-to-back meetings. No one has to eat dinner at their desk tonight.

•   You quickly fall (and stay) asleep, feeling grateful and confident that whatever feedback comes your way tomorrow, you will be able to receive it with grace.

Coaching can help make this YOUR reality.

“Laura is genuinely skilled at helping me see new paths forward as a leader.   In a short period of time, I have successfully engineered several giant leaps forward in my career – and with her knowledgeable guidance – they each felt natural and seamless rather than stressful.”

– Executive Director, Clinical Program Design & Innovation, Health Insurance