When You Dread Sunday Nights

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How will you start your week?

I used to avoid this question every Sunday until after dinner.

When, in a matter of hours, another week of tolerating my job would begin.

I tried to establish boundaries and control my environment to prevent burnout.

I told myself that so many people feel this way about work. Maybe it just “is what it is.”

It didn’t occur to me to ask for help, until another leader told me he had a coach.

At first I was resistant – I was a high-achieving, organizational leader and had made it that far without a coach, surely I was (strong/smart/determined) enough to keep going.

I was ALL of those things, but eventually the toll my job took on the rest of my life became more than I could ignore.

I decided that tolerating my life wasn’t good enough anymore.

But I didn’t want to quit, so I hired a coach.

Having a partner in shifting my perspective made ALL the difference.

Old rules of living and definitions of success fell away and, in their place, new confidence and awareness of opportunities grew.

Turns out, I didn’t have to quit my job. I just had to stop struggling in silence.

You, too, can love Sunday nights again.

When you’re ready to lead with more confidence and less stress, get in touch. I can help.