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Laura Lundin, PCC, ELI-MP
Founder & Head Coach

A certified leadership and career coach with 20 years of experience in corporate America and abroad, I’ve always loved a good challenge.

Whether it was in large, complex organizations or small, fast-paced start-ups, I navigated the jungle gym of corporate politics and played the role of communicator, confidant, change agent, truth-teller, and diplomat.

Like most managers who came up the ranks in the new millennium, I took my cues from people who equated “hard-ass, over-achiever who never messes up” with “leader.” Eventually, I decided to flip the script and add coaching and compassion to my leadership toolkit and my career took off.

I attended one of the most credible coach training programs endorsed by the International Coaching Federation: the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) and became a Master Practitioner of the incredible Energy Leadership Index Assessment.

I combine my corporate experience and leadership training to help other ambitious, passionate professionals evolve, adapt, and produce extraordinary career results in less time, with less stress.


My Coaching Style

I know what it takes to lead in your career without compromising your values or WHO you are. It takes patience, perseverance, curiosity, and compassion, and that is what I promise my clients.

We already have the answers to the questions we ask ourselves about how to live and lead. Over time, we bury what we know to be true and silence that inner voice that guides our decisions and how we navigate the world around us.

Before we know it, we’ve arrived at a place we don’t recognize… feeling anxious, depleted, and alone.

I help clients reconnect to that inner voice. We peel back the layers of self-doubt and other people’s expectations to rediscover who you really are – your values, talents, and inner-most motivations – and what you want.

We then create a vision for how you show up in the world and an action plan to keep you on track.  All this with an eye on creating sustainable, repeatable results that keep you excelling (and having fun!).

Sure, you could do this by yourself, but research shows you’ll get there faster (think weeks, not years!) with a coach. And that’s why I became one. To help you be more satisfied in you career ASAP.

Based in Chicago and available to purpose-driven women across the US and around the world, I will be by your side, cheering you on, helping you find the answers that are already inside of you.


Professional Certified Coach
iPEC Certified Professional Coach

Certified Professional Coach, Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching

Energy Leadership Index
Master Practitioner

Program Affiliations:
1871 Entrepreneur Mentor
One Million Degrees Career Readiness

Northwestern University


Congratulations for making it this far in becoming happier and more fulfilled in your career!

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“What makes Laura’s work unique and powerful, is her ability to authentically connect on a deep level with the individual she is coaching. She is thoughtful in her approach, and diligent in her listening. Laura takes tailored, actionable steps while recognizing each individual’s unique set of challenges. There is no ‘one method fits all’ approach, and Laura recognizes this and shows up with real, tangible tools to guide you to reach your unique goals. Her compassionate coaching has been instrumental in my growth as a professional woman and leader.”

– Brand Ambassador, The House of Suntory, Spirits & Hospitality Industry