How to Know Whether to Stay or Go

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I was on the phone with a coaching client and I could feel the pain in her voice.

She was wrestling with THE BIG QUESTION: Do I stay or do I go?

Here’s what I told her…

How we make money is intrinsically tied to our identity. Even the most self-aware among us have some degree of attachment.

Once you can separate YOU from your JOB, you can begin to get back in touch with what YOU actually WANT.

And then you make a choice based on that.

When you uncover exactly what about YOU is making you question your current situation, you can begin to formulate your next move:

🤔Compromise and stay put?

🤔Look for a different role in your company?

🤔Change companies?

🤔Start your own business?

🤔Countless other options?

And so I asked her – what do you WANT?

You won’t always know which way is “right,” but the good news is, there are no wrong choices.

Only ones that are based on what you WANT and what you FEAR.

You’ll grow and learn something whatever you decide.

And isn’t growth what it’s all about in the end?

If you are asking yourself THE BIG QUESTION and would like a partner in finding your answer, please reach out.