So You Want A Promotion?

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It’s November, and after the election, the next pressing topic for many in my network is performance planning and the number one question: “After multiple years in role, will this be the year I’m PROMOTED?” Before you tie yourself up in a knot, here are 3 questions to ask yourself:

🤔 How have you signaled that you WANT to be promoted? Decision makers are not mind readers, so it’s important to be clear about your ambition in a way that shows the benefit to the company.

🤔 What have you done to DEMONSTRATE readiness? Take on challenging projects, complete them successfully (done AND team members still want to work with you), and show ability beyond your current role.

🤔 What have you done to PROMOTE your readiness? You can’t count on decision makers noticing all your contributions. Don’t wait for your annual review to broadcast your accomplishments.

Checked all those boxes and STILL not getting the recognition you hope for? Consider having a direct conversation with your manager and other colleagues and ask for specific feedback.

It’s possible the reason has less to do with ABILITY and more to do with the way you’re PERCEIVED. To tackle this, you need to find and listen to people who will share their unfiltered perspective.

A coach can help you navigate to a promotion. Find out how!