That’s what all the voices inside my head were telling me.

Exactly one year ago, I left my corporate job to become a full-time coach.

I had a happy, high-performing team that amazed me daily. I was paid fairly. I did work I was proud of.

But my heart just wasn’t in it anymore. My priorities had changed and my life felt like a hamster wheel.

It took me a year and a half to go from THINKING about it to DOING it. I explored every alternative, but ultimately leaving was the right choice for me.

I got grilled by everyone who found out what I was doing – WHY? HOW?

They created romantic versions of what my life would be like that sounded more like a Diane Lane movie than real life.

The truth is, what I did is NOT for everyone. I went without a lot of things that most people consider necessities to put myself in a position to take on a high level of risk.

The part of it that IS for everyone is GETTING OFF THE HAMSTER WHEEL.

And you don’t need to quit your job to do it.

You just need to realign your work with your values and priorities.

After 20 years in corporate America, I stepped away to help you do it.

If your life feels like a hamster wheel, please reach out. I can help.