5 People You Need to Achieve BIG Goals

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Do you have a SQUAD?

That’s what I call my Personal Development team that supports me in achieving BIG goals. I wouldn’t be where I am without them and here’s who’s on the list…

Each role has a unique purpose so it’s important to identify people in your life (or want in your life) that match what you need.

I started with this list adapted from Mel Robbins for my squad:

⭐Cheerleader – Roots for you and helps you stay positive when times get tough

⭐Challenger – Points out things you may not WANT to see, but need to

⭐Adventurer – Helps you take action outside of your comfort zone

⭐Motivator – Inspires you with what’s possible, they’ve “been there, done that”

⭐Safe Space – Listens without judgment and holds your confidence

Specifically for career goals, I recommend one more role:

⭐Sponsor – Advocates on your behalf and uses their influence to elevate your status in an organization

Next time you’re charting a course to achieve something BIG, surround yourself with people who believe in you, then CRUSH IT!

💡And consider what role you might play on someone else’s squad.

Helping someone achieve their goal could become one of yours.


When you’re ready to achieve your BIG GOAL and lead with more confidence, reach out to me here!