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“Laura is genuinely skilled at helping me see new paths forward as a leader. In a short period of time, I have successfully engineered several giant leaps forward in my career – and with her knowledgeable guidance - they each felt natural and seamless rather than stressful.”
Executive Director
Clinical Program Design & Innovation
“Laura's coaching is invaluable to my professional growth and success. Her intuitive, yet pragmatic approach taught me how to overcome barriers and build greater self-awareness. She helped me better position myself to successfully advance within my organization and gave me the tools to be a more effective and empathetic leader.”
Strategic Partnerships & Development
“I was ready to re-ignite passion in my career, but I wasn’t sure where to start. With Laura in my corner, she helped me uncover my core beliefs and strengths. This journey led me to a new career and leadership role that fuels my fire again. She believed in me and most importantly she made me believe in me.”
Organizational Development
“Laura has supported me through several career challenges, from personal development to team leadership. Her ability to question thoughtfully, listen authentically and guide without judgement have helped me clear away the clutter to discover the solutions that were already inside me—and that stayed true to my values and beliefs.”
Executive Director
Laura will help you through issues you’ve identified as well as those you haven’t – and don’t even know are there! Coaching is an upfront financial investment, however in my experience that investment paid off tremendously and was literally a drop in the bucket after the salary and bonus bump I received with my new offer. I also feel like I am much more equipped to negotiate and position myself for future opportunities, so I don't see the ROI stopping here either.
Consumer insights
Coaching might seem like a luxury, but Laura can help you shorten your search – and one paycheck that much sooner can easily cover the cost. All told, it’s an investment that pays pretty quick dividends. Once I started working with Laura my time job searching shifted from being rudderless and ad-hoc to being directed, deliberate and confident. With her guidance I began searching in earnest for a position in August, and I started my dream job in December.

If you are thinking of working with a coach to help navigate a career pivot; process a difficult employment separation; or even just stay on-track in a search, I can assure you based on my experience that Laura will help you with any and all of the above. She is empathetic and kind, encouraging and supportive, accessible and easy to talk to. Laura will celebrate your wins, help you process any setbacks, ask questions that will make you think, and generally serve as the angel on your shoulder to guide you in the right direction. Other parts of the “package” are getting advice on tweaking your personal brand, improving your resume, telling your story, and prepping for interviews.

Just go for it! You won’t be sorry.
Strategy and transformation
What makes Laura's work unique and powerful, is her ability to authentically connect on a deep level with the individual she is coaching. She is thoughtful in her approach, and diligent in her listening. Laura takes tailored, actionable steps while recognizing each individual’s unique set of challenges. There is no ‘one method fits all’ approach, and Laura recognizes this and shows up with real, tangible tools to guide you to reach your unique goals. Her compassionate coaching has been instrumental in my growth as a professional woman and leader. Laura helped me unpack the noise, let go of self-sabotaging habits, navigate corporate politics and language, and empowered me with the right tools and knowledge to become a leader in my field. I found my voice and was able to advocate for myself. I wouldn't be where I am today in my career if it wasn't for Laura's expert guidance. I feel supported to tackle new challenges, and I know Laura has my back every step of the way!
Brand Ambassador
Spirits & hospitality