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Management Makeover

Private Coaching Package

Remember that person who thought they could do anything?

Let’s find them!

The Management Makeover is a fully-customizable development program designed to help you explore, define, and go for what’s next in your career through thoughtful reflection, direct feedback, realistic goal setting, and compassionate accountability.

Each session is tailored to your unique career aspirations and objectives and paced to move you closer to your goal faster, all with an eye on creating lasting and sustainable change.

The results? Increased confidence, resilience, and vision to lead with passion and guide your career.

The Management Makeover includes:

    60 to 90-minute private coaching sessions via phone or video conference

•   Unlimited email/text support between sessions


•   Management Mindset Assessment to uncover the source of hidden (and not so hidden!) blocks


•   Dozens of additional assessments, exercises, and assignments to identify and articulate your values, strengths, personal brand, and leadership style

•   Optional integration with employer-sponsored training and development program

Schedule a complimentary 30-minute conversation to learn more.

You’re already good. Let’s get you to great.

The Management Makeover Journey

Step 1: Start with what matters most to achieve what’s next. 

We begin your leadership journey by uncovering the values, strengths, and inner-most motivations that make you YOU. We shed a light on recurring thoughts and patterns (hello, procrastination, perfectionism, and imposter syndrome!) that keep you from being your best and assess how your current perspective is helping or hurting you. You’ll start to create new, supportive behaviors that are more aligned with a strong leader and notice an improvement in your mood and confidence. We do this first so we can leave the past behind and get you ready for the next step to leading in your career.

Step 2: Connect your inside with your outside to command authentic influence.

Behavioral consistency, authenticity, and empathy are key to building trust and influencing others. In this step, we’ll take a look at your communication and relationship building styles and analyze your executive presence to make sure you’re showing up the way you intend at work and beyond. We’ll examine conversations and situations that don’t go as expected and explore personal branding to help you command attention and stand out in the best way possible. Finally, we’ll build your “Accountability Team” that will support you through the rest of your journey.

Step 3: Define your career direction to align your passion with your purpose.

Synthesize learnings from the first two steps and create new “career rules” that will help you demonstrate your readiness to take your career to the next level. We’ll address specific issues like delegation and time management so you can have more energy for you and stress management so you can sleep easy knowing you can handle whatever comes your way. It’s time to stop avoiding difficult conversations and start advocating for yourself in a way that feels effortless. If you’re on the fence about looking for a new job, this is where you decide to “stay or go.”

Step 4: Foster repeatable success and sustainable change.

Use all the tools and insights you’ve been learning and living to set mindful intentions for the future of your career, create meaningful goals, and build manageable action plans to achieve them. You’ll notice a positive difference in your decision-making abilities and creative thinking to see new possibilities. Expect to be challenged and celebrated as you confidently define, seek, and pursue what’s next in your career.

Stop Googling what you SHOULD do.
Schedule a complimentary 30-minute conversation instead.

“Laura has supported me through several career challenges, from personal development to team leadership. Her ability to question thoughtfully, listen authentically and guide without judgement have helped me clear away the clutter to discover the solutions that were already inside me—and that stayed true to my values and beliefs.”

– Executive Director, Communications, Healthcare