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When You Don’t Know, Do THIS

Leadership Decisions Take Teamwork


I hear you. And I know you’re feeling bad because you don’t have all the answers.

But guess what?


Every day, everyone is doing their best to make the best choices with the information available.

There is no RIGHT way, PERFECT solution, or MAGIC bullet.

You may have subject matter expertise and life experience that helps you navigate most decisions, but no one gets 100%.

The sooner we accept this, the quicker we can move on to doing something PRODUCTIVE instead of worrying about what to do:

💡Let go of the expectation of having all the answers.

💡Give yourself a break from the appearance of knowing what to do all the time.

Try leaning on your team for insight and support:

💡Share details with them and ask for their perspectives.

💡Host a “blue sky” brainstorm where ANYTHING is possible and see what solutions present themselves.

It takes confidence and courage to be vulnerable and let your team help when you’re unsure.

Rather than looking weak, you’ll demonstrate trust and provide an opportunity for your team to have insight into the challenges of leadership.

In today’s climate, that will go way further than having all the “right” answers.

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